• COVID-19

    To our friends and kinky family. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we want to let you know we are monitoring the situation and constantly responding to changes to maintain the integrity of the venue and ensure the health and safety of ‘you’ our people.

    Trying times means trying measures and for the venue to survive we are forced to make tough decisions.
    As of today we am deeply saddened to say we are postponing all parties for the short term while we can address how the club can safely provide space
    for future events.

    We will be keeping you updated via email and our social media channels. As always we are here to support you. Our lines of communication are open if
    you would like to reach through the link below.  Remember to look out for community members especially those more vulnerable and to treat people
    with kindness.

    If you have a ticket to an event don’t worry, it is 100%transferable. Our goal is to look out for you our beautiful alternative family because without you we are nothing.

    Trinity & Arlow

  • Club Fusion Sydney

    Club Fusion Sydney

  • BDSM & Fetish Parties

    BDSM & Fetish Parties

Welcome to Club Fusion Sydney

We cater to established and themed private Parties, live music, artistic collaborations and gallery shows, festivals, including Mardi Gras parties and fundraising events, if you have the party then we have the venue.

Club Fusion SydneyClub Fusion Sydney
Club Fusion SydneyClub Fusion Sydney
Club Fusion SydneyClub Fusion Sydney

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